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Zzyzxian Muses On Speed

Big Dog Fun in a Small Dog World

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Mako Vette
Cool Stuff to spend time and money on:

Big Dogs
Tech - all of it :)
Music - some of it :)
High End Stereo Hardware - Dog ears are a curse
Web Comics - So many comics, so little bandwidth
Vintage Wine - Drycreek appalations please
Art- I saw the Magrite exhibit at the SF MOMA a few years ago, a surprise dream come true
Pretending I can shoot better than my guns

Stuff I'm done doing forever:

WestPacs (Submarines once, submarines twice, holy jumpin'...) STS2/SS on the SSN 639 (long since turned into razorblades, time flies &ct.)

The North Pole. Twice was one too many times thank you, though going "Around the world" in 60 seconds at flank was kinda cool - I think we "circumnavigated" the globe 4 or 5 times before the Capt. got bored punching circular holes into the ocean instead of straight ones...

Shellback Initiation - 'nuff said.

Blue Nose Initiation - Melt that ice HOW?!?! =:-O

Golden Dragon - Yawn...

War zones as a civilian in the African Desert.

Air raid sirens punctuated by Patriot missles

Saudi Army Cooking, three words that don't go together no matter how you combine them. Is this a pita or a milspec frisbee?

Jobs that have turn your head and cough security clearances and atropine in their description.

Dot Bomb 70+ hour work weeks for 9 months only to roll up the carpets and turn off the lights.

Stuff I'd like to do when I'm young and rich again:

4x4ing in the Arizona Desert

Overnight hikes in the Catalina Mountains - I'll be leaving the rattle snake magnets home from now on though...

Taking the dog out at dawn for canyon walks

Seeing the polar bear watch in the con drop his M14 into 2000 fathoms of arctic ocean and having to explain THAT little fauxpaux to the C.O. *Almost* makes an IceRun worth the 60 days.

Home brewing my own beer again. It's been 5 years since that last batch of ale...

Overnight camping with the telescope and the dog in the middle of no where Nevada.

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